Tomb Raider Character
Kurtis Trent

"Classic" Costume

This is the classic outfit that we see Kurtis wearing in the whole game. It includes dark blue top, with red symbol in the middle, and under it, there is another white T-shirt, on it, there are brown holsters for his gun and the Glaive, which continues in a same colored belt. Lower, Kurtis wears long and green pants (under them, probably some underpants) and dark brown boots for the feet.

"Black Shirt" Costume

This is a way more sexy and hot outfit for Kurtis, It starts with a light grey and short tie from around his neck to the stomach, he has unzipped black shirt, two grey bracelets on his hands and a blue ring on his right hand. The belt is black and the dark jeans are long and end in the black boots.

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