Tomb Raider Character
Kurtis Trent

Kurtis Trent ( 26 June, 1972)

Kurtis is an ex-Legionnaire and also an experienced warrior with limited occult abilities. From the age of three, he was trained as an initiate in an ancient order called the Lux Veritatis by his father, Konstantin. At the age of 19, however, he disappeared to join the Foreign Legion and changed his surname to Trent. Here, he adopted the nickname 'Demon Hunter' after being constantly assaulted by bizarre events linked to the occult. He left the Foreign Legion in 1996, and began freelancing with a variety of mercenary and semi-legal agencies under the direction of Marten Gunderson.
In 2001, just before the events of Angel of Darkness, his father is murdered by Eckhardt. It is here that Kurtis takes on his father's role as the last surviving member of the Order. He is now on a quest for revenge against those that wiped out the Order and killed his father.

Date of birth: 26/06/1972
Name: Kurtis (Veritatis) Trent
Place of birth: Utah Salt Flats, USA
Sex: Male
Hair color: Dark brown
Eyes color: Dark blue
Skin color: White
Blood type: B+
                                                                   Nickname: Demon Hunter
                                                                   Profession: Freelance security and mercenary work

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