Tomb Raider Character
Kurtis Trent

Tomb Raider 2012

The reboot of the franchise is coming the early 2012, get ready for young Lara!

Kurtis says hi to fans!

Kurtis Trent, together with friends, between whom Lara, stays in a hotel in Stockholm these days. At 5 PM, today, screaming fans were waiting for him to get out of the gym, so he was walking to the car, when he saw the fans and ran to them, singing autographs and talking with them, he tweeted this picture and said:  I was going to my car to leave from the gym, when I saw all there fans and couldn't resist say hi and sign for em!

Katie's TR

She claims to be TR big fan ever, is she? Check out (click the image)

LCGOL figures

Slideshow has launched, this time, a GOL Lara figure, but it now!

The site is opened!

Dangerous, sexy and epic, that is the second playable debut character for Core Design and Tomb Raider, that made it in The Angel of Darkness game under the name of Kurtis Trent, who helps Lara solve the mystery and at the end dies (but survives and continues the adventure that was never published as a game)

TR Universe

Check out a great new site that's all about TR and Lara (click the image)
Kurtis Trent Official Site